Product Review: Kroma Wellness

By Kaylee Franklin

I would like to start by formally apologizing to my friends, family, and colleagues for the few days this week when I was maybe a tad…unhinged. I’ll explain why here soon, don’t you worry!

Now that my small disclaimer is out of the way, let me go out of my way again to let you all know that I have never once in my life taken a cleanse. I have never done a mind/body/food reset. So I knew this product would be challenging, but I was up for it. 

Now that we know my history and both of my disclaimers are taken care of, let’s learn some history of our newest product review, Kroma Wellness. Founded by Lisa Odenweller, Kroma is a premium functional health and superfood company on a mission to simplify nutritional wellbeing, with a nutrient-rich delicious product, and effortless programs such as the one and five-day resets, Kroma helps you form healthier habits, generating real results from the inside.

Lee sat down with Lisa in Episode 118: Reflections and Rests, to chat about her incredible and authentic entrepreneurial journey. Lisa shared her journey from growing up in Colorado, to working at Nestle right out of college, to working in the software industry, to starting an interior design business, which led to some soul searching and discovering her true passion for health and wellness. They talked about her struggle to allow others to support and show up for her, overcoming negative self-talk, and how she raised over $5.5 million from investors like Gwyneth Paltrow, Jessica Seinfeld, and Amy Schumer.

After hearing about her incredible journey, and how Kroma has helped in her own life, I decided I needed to give it a try. I was quite hesitant at first as I’ve never done a reset or anything like this, but after taking a look at their website and learning more about what they offer, I was all in!

Kroma offers a 5-Day Reset complete with 50 total food and beverages, for 10 servings across 5 days. They’ve carefully numbered and labeled each packet in numerical order to help ensure your body stays fueled. Some of the food and beverages range from a matcha latte, porridge, a blueberry smoothie, chai, veggie broths, and their fan-favorite OMG Cookie Butter Jar. They also have a deluxe version, that gives you those extra necessities you might need for your week-long reset: a frother, a Kroma spoon, and tote bag, a turmeric tea, and coconut creamer. 

Not only do their products sound amazing and they come with good variety, but their packaging and branding are beautiful. The color coordination and ombre effect is my favorite part. In the image below you get a glimpse at the Deluxe 5-Day Reset. For this amazing, and stunning reset, you’re looking at a price point of $495. For the quality and the quantity, you can’t go wrong. 

Since it was my first time doing anything like this, I decided to try their 1-Day Reset, just to play it safe, and to be honest I was nervous. I’ve always heard and seen so much negative feedback and harsh criticism that I was scared to sink into the stereotype.

Similar to the 5-Day Reset, they offer a 1-Day and a 1-Day VIP, which is the deluxe version of the 1-Day. I really wanted to get my hands on the Cookie Butter since I read all the amazing reviews about it, so I went with the VIP Reset, which includes the Cookie Butter, a tumbler, and a frother. The single 1-Day Reset just includes the 10 total foods and beverages for your one-day reflection.

They’ve thoughtfully curated their packaging and branding onto their 1-Day Reset as well, and designed this beautiful setup you’ll see below. If you’re wanting a trial run of the 5-Day, and don’t want to fully commit yet, the 1-Day Reset would be a great option for you, like it was me! You can try the VIP Reset at the price of $155. 

My Experience 

As I mentioned before, I was a bit nervous about trying out the 1-Day Reset, but I wanted to approach it with a healthy mind. I didn’t set any expectations on myself for what was to come and chose to do it on a weekday, so I wouldn't feel tied down from not hanging out with friends and gathering at social dinners like I do on the weekends. I decided on a Tuesday so I had Monday to prepare, and I tend to have fewer meetings on Tuesday, so I assumed that would probably be a good idea in case I got cranky. 

I started my day with the Shine Vitality Latte, tasting notes of turmeric, ginger, maple, and a tad of coconut, I was happy I got to have my “coffee” of the day. For breakfast, I had the Super Porridge. I’ll be honest, I wasn’t a huge fan but that's a texture thing for me, it’s really similar to oatmeal which is not one of my favorite foods. 

To get some hydration going, I moved on to Step 3, the Cranberry Hydration Elixir. A yummy and refreshing tasting beverage, leaving me feeling back on track and hydrated. I was excited for Step 4 as it was a Blueberry Immunity Smoothie, and I am a BIG smoothie girl. This yummy blend was the perfect snack until lunch when I enjoyed a Veggie Broth with Miso & Plant Protein. I could feel the effects the reset was starting to have on my body. Continuing on through my day, I had some midday fuel from the Supergreens Elixir, which was my least favorite item I had all day. Not a fan of green drinks and this just didn’t do anything for me, it was hard to finish but I wanted to get the full experience. 

Later on in the afternoon, I had the Spicy Passion Latte which was delicious. It reminded me of a chai latte but slightly different and also amazing. I was feeling good this time in the afternoon. Starting to get hungry for dinner, but feeling energized, less bloated, and strong. Once dinner time rolled around, it was time for Veggie Broth. It didn’t taste much different from the one at lunch, so my only complaint was that I wish they could include the Chicken Bone Broth or Beef Bone Broth as the second meal option. To end the day with a little treat, I had the Calming and Restore Magnesium. I gotta say, I think that helped induce some of the best sleep I’ve ever had. 

Overall, I enjoyed my experience and I would highly recommend the 1-Day Reset. If you’re up for the challenge, I would do the 5-Day. I would love to try all the other lattes, elixirs, broths, and smoothies they have so maybe one day I’ll take myself on the challenge and reset again. 

If you’re interested in trying just a single product, they sell them individually on their website. You can also sign up for a subscription to receive automatic refills of your favorite products! This sounds like a great offering for those who like to reset every month. After my personal experience, I’m thinking about including a reset into my monthly ritual. 

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Kaylee Franklin


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