Stairway to CEO’s Holiday Gift Guide 2023

Welcome to the third edition of Stairway to CEO's Holiday Gift Guide– your ultimate resource for finding the perfect gifts. As we’ve reached almost 200 episodes, the options of your favorite leading direct-to-consumer brands. We have a lot of amazing gift ideas for you and we’ll be sure to cover everyone you’re shopping for, so we hope you enjoy!

For the Home Lover:

This section is for those of you looking to give something special for those who love staying in! 

Terra Kaffe

If you have that coffee lover in your life who would love to become their own barista, and you want to splurge a little, or maybe even spoil yourself this Christmas (I know I want to) we suggest getting your hands on the All You Need Kit from Terra Kaffe! This perfect gift comes with everything you need to be an at-home coffee-making pro!

July Luggage

Though this brand isn’t exactly a home brand, it is semi-related for those friends or family members of yours who love to travel! What could be better than the perfect luggage from July? While they offer many options to choose from, the best bang for your buck would be the Classic Family Set! The set comes in many different colors and comes with a Carry On, Checked, and Checked Plus luggage…the perfect gift for that travel bug of yours!

Lettuce Grow

For that green thumb in your life, you can’t go wrong with a gift from Lettuce Grow! Lettuce Grow is a pioneering brand that cultivates a fresh perspective on sustainable, homegrown food. The perfect starter kit from Lettuce Grow would have to be the Farmstand Nook, perfect for your green thumb friend or family member to start their own mini garden…inside! 


Making the list for a third year in a row, is Evermill is the most sustainable and innovative spice rack and system for the modern home chef.

If you need a gift for someone, or for yourself.. I would check out their Bestselling Gifts. It’s elegant, timeless, and of course useful!


Homecourt is a home fragrance brand co-founded by Courteney Cox and made with non-toxic skincare-grade ingredients. They have a holiday gift guide as well, with lots of options and sets to choose from. They also have some special offers to check out!

In the Kitchen

For someone who wants to indulge in culinary excellence, you can’t go wrong with anything from Material or Caraway.


Material has a lot of sets to choose from, but my personal favorite would have to be The Iconics Set, this thoughtfully curated set seamlessly blends form and function, presenting a harmonious balance of style and practicality.


Caraway allows culinary enthusiasts to create and savor memorable moments in the heart of their homes with their beautifully crafted cookware, bakeware, prepware, and more! They offer a lot of gifting options, which is a huge plus in my book! My personal favorite, a gift I received last year, is the Minis Duo!

For the Beauty Lover

Thankfully on the STC podcast, we have a wide range of beauty brands to choose from! 

Innersense Organic Beauty

Innersense Organic Beauty is a visionary brand in the realm of clean and sustainable hair care, offering multiple gift options to choose from. For someone being introduced to the Innersense, the Repair + Reflect Set is the perfect gift for this winter season! All to help your hair be hydrated, protected, and given a new level of shine!

Exponent Beauty

Exponent Beauty is a revolutionary brand at the intersection of innovation and self-care. If you’re buying for yourself or even someone else, take the guesswork out of building your first Serum System, try out the Bestsellers Discovery Kit! Filled with the brand's best basics and all activated and ready to tackle for immediate, visible anti-aging effects.

The Outset

The Outset has become one of my favorite brands this year and I love all of the gift bundles they’re offering this holiday season! For that special someone looking to up their skincare game, I would suggest the Mini Must Haves Kit! It comes in the cutest bag and filled to the brim with a seven-piece set of their most-loved formulas in travel-friendly sizes!

Le Mini Macaron

This innovative brand combines style and simplicity, offering a range of at-home beauty solutions that redefine the manicure game.If you know a person that loves doing their nails, the best gift you could get them would be Maxi La Nuit - Gel Manicure Kit! La Nuit includes their best-selling Le Maxi LED Lamp in shimmering white pearl, and four mini gel polishes. 

For the Health and Fitness Lover

We all have those people in our lives who are very much in tune with their health and fitness, and we all know at times they can be the hardest people to shop for! Here’s our roundup:


OŪRA Ring is definitely the gift I’m considering buying myself this year! I truly think this is the perfect gift for anyone of any age as it lets you discover the power of self-awareness and well-being in a compact, smart accessory!


Hydrow, the brand reimagining fitness, is the perfect gift for someone looking to up their workout routine! They are an immersive rowing experience that transcends traditional workout routines, all from the comfort of your own home!


Bala is the brand that effortlessly merges style and function in the world of wellness. They have a few gift sets to choose from, but for a beginner, you can’t go wrong with the BFF (Best Bangles Forever) Kit.

For the Foodie and Beverage Lover:

This is for the food and beverage lovers in your life, those who love finding the best snacks, drinks, and additions in the kitchen.


Brightland is a culinary lifestyle brand that brings a fresh perspective to the world of olive oil and is the perfect gift for a chef in your life looking to add some elegance to the kitchen. Brightland offers several gifting options to choose from, but we suggest The Mini Artist Series! The Artist Series includes mini bottles of their four favorite olive oils, ARDOR, ROSETTE, LUCID, and ARISE.

Little Saints

For someone who loves sipping on a good mocktail, you can’t go wrong with Little Saints. Although it’s currently sold out, their Sundowner Bundle, would make the perfect gift. You also can’t go wrong with their Best Sellers Variety Pack.

Tea Drops

For that person in your life who loves a good tea, Tea Drops is the best gift you can give. They’re currently offering a Deluxe Tea Sampler featuring all their best sellers. It’s so good they even quote that it’s “the only gift for the SERIOUS tea lover!”


Do you have someone in your life that LOVES matcha? How about getting them the Matcha Starter Kit from MUD\WTR? The box gives you all the things you need to start making matcha right from your home!

De Soi

For that person in your life wanting to sip on some non-alcoholic apéritifs, you need to gift them The Starter Pack Cans from De Soi! Gift that special someone with beverages crafted with precision and passion.

Now Get Shopping!

As we wrap up this journey through our 2023 Holiday Gift Guide, we hope you've discovered the perfect gifts to make this festive season truly extraordinary. Whether you're elevating the kitchen experience, transforming your home, or diving into culinary delights, our curated selection ensures that every gift reflects finds a home for someone special in your life. For beauty lovers, health and fitness enthusiasts, our roundup of gifts from top brands promises a holiday season filled with joy, health, and indulgence. Thank you for joining us on this exploration of exceptional gifts, and from all of us at Stairway to CEO, we wish you a season brimming with warmth, laughter, and unforgettable moments. Happy holidays!

Don’t forget to subscribe to the show on Apple Podcasts, follow us on Spotify, or tune in wherever you listen to podcasts. Have any guest suggestions, comments, or questions about Stairway to CEO? Drop us a line here!

Kaylee Franklin


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