Episode 139
January 3, 2023

Balance, Bracelets, and Beverages

with Steven Izen, Founder and CEO of Lokai & Elements

About this episode

Sharing their story today is Steven Izen, the Founder and CEO, of both the functional beverage brand Elements and the charity bracelet brand Lokai. Steven and Lee talked about how he sold wooden pens in high school, and how his grandfather's diagnosis with Alzheimer's disease inspired him to create Lokai when he was just 19 years old. He shares why the top of Mount Everest might not be as beautiful as we all think, and what it's like running two businesses at once.

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In This Episode You’ll Hear About:

  • (2:36) What it was like growing up in the Boston area being a super competitive person and having the entrepreneurial spirit from an early age
  • (4:30) How seeing his dad be an entrepreneur made him have the same drive and desire to make money of his own
  • (6:30) How he came up with the idea for Lokai when he was in college, after his grandfather's diagnosis with Alzheimer's disease
  • (15:00) The highs and lows he’s experienced in building Lokai, and what it’s taught him about business
  • (24:00) How and when he decided to start Elements, and how he continues to run both companies at the same time
  • (27:00) How he feels about raising capital, and why he believes if you don’t have to, you shouldn’t
  • (32:35) How he navigates running both companies at the same time, and his advice for other entrepreneurs who want to do the same
  • (37:30) What being a CEO means to him and what it entails
  • (41:00) What’s next for Elements and Lokai, and how they plan to navigate different skews for Lokai
  • (43:20) The final advice he has for other inspiring entrepreneurs looking to build their own brand

To Find Out More:

lokai.com and elementsdrinks.com

Podcast15 will grant listeners 15% off any orders on lokai.com or elementsdrinks.com


Anything that I could do to make money as a kid, I would try to do”

“I view the game of business and making money as a score.”

“I think a key to being a successful entrepreneur is a very high level of self-confidence.”

“If you just keep going, you're that much closer to the next yes.”

“I believe you really learn to become a leader as you experience and learn more.”

“The cornerstone of any company is the product.”

“You gotta lead with your mission and what you're doing and have a long-term approach to why you're doing it.”

“I've always valued building a strong foundational business that makes a profit.”

“It takes hard work to master something.”

“You go through it and you realize that in every business there are highs and lows. It's about staying level-headed and continuing to push to the next.”

“If you don't fully believe in yourself, don't start, because it's going to be an absolute grind. If you don't have that self-confidence and aren’t obsessed with what you're doing and why you're doing it, you'll stop too quickly before you see success.”

“Make sure you're starting your company for the right reason, not the wrong.”

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