Episode 74
October 5, 2021

The Taste of Sweet Success

with Mayssa Chehata, Founder and CEO of Behave

About this episode

Mayssa Chehata is the Founder and CEO of Behave and is reinventing the candy experience with low sugar, low net carb sweets featuring elevated flavors and all-natural ingredients that let you feel good about indulging. In this episode, Mayssa shares with us her journey from growing up in Virginia, to working in marketing at Uber, to running business development at Daily Harvest and SoulCycle, to finally launching her own company, Behave. We talk about imposter syndrome, the importance of having a positive mindset, how she partnered with a pastry chef, and how sometimes things that go wrong are just great blessings in disguise.

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In This Episode You’ll Hear About:

  • What her childhood was like and how she has always been a leader and had many interests and passions from an early age
  • What changed her focus from International Relations and Economics and perhaps leading to work in the State Department to working in marketing at the NFL instead and what she learned during her time there
  • What profound takeaways Mayssa gained during her time at Uber, Daily Harvest, and SoulCycle and how they have helped her today as a Founder/CEO
  • Why the idea for Behave came to her, what started her on the path to dig deeper into the idea, and what the first steps were
  • Why Mayssa was frustrated with the traditional R & D approach to product development and had the genius idea of finding a pastry chef to help her
  • What fundraising was like for her and what advice she passionately offers to those who are looking to build a business and raise funds
  • What lessons she has learned as a leader that have helped her enjoy her role and breathe life into her team as they continue to grow
  • Why Mayssa believes that even the hardest challenges can lead to good things that help the company in the long run and what advice she has for other Founders

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“Trying to do things that were more entrepreneurial and really owning projects and owning initiatives from start to finish, built a solid foundation for what it was going to look like to have an idea out of nowhere and turn that into a business and launch that business.”

“You're pitching the partnership, but you're also pitching the business.”

“I think in a partnerships role or a business development role, you almost have to take on that external speakerphone for the company in a lot of ways.”

“Through all my experiences and through having built my career in a business development and partnerships function, for the most part, I've always felt that actually most business gets done just through friendship.”

“My philosophy is that you will get so much more done by people liking you than by paying them or feeling like you have something to offer them.”

“I knew that if we were going to do healthier, better-for-you candy, it was still going to have to taste amazing. When people reach for candy, it is an indulgence. It’s a moment of fun and joy, and I just knew that compromising on taste wasn't going to be an option.”

“You have to go into it believing that you're going to raise the money. Actually, a lot of fundraising for me was shifting my own mindset.”

“It's so easy to get trapped in this whole, very confusing web of what am I supposed to be doing? And I think the sooner that you can surrender and just say whatever feels right to me is what's going to be right for the business... And now I feel so happy that I was able to kind of let go of a lot of those shoulds.”

“You have to also acknowledge that every other business that looks like it was built in a perfect Excel spreadsheet straight out of Harvard Business School was probably also a burning dumpster fire on the inside. You just don't see that.”

“Just having people that are in the boat with you... I wouldn't have been able to get this far without that network and that support system.”

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