Episode 159
May 23, 2023

Scoops of Approval

with Alec Jaffe, Founder & CEO of Alec's Ice Cream

About this episode

Today, Lee sits down with Alec Jaffe, Founder and CEO of Alec’s Ice Cream, the world’s first and only regenerative agriculture-verified and USDA-certified organic ice cream made using 100% gut-friendly A2 dairy. Alec gives us a glimpse into his background, from surfing in Laguna Beach as a child to playing football at USC with a dream of going pro before a shoulder injury shifted his career ambitions and led him to a job in corporate sponsorship for AEG Worldwide. You’ll gain some insight into his experience of working at a tech startup, what motivated his decision to start a delicious and sustainable ice cream brand, and the challenges he faced in finding an organic dairy supplier. We also dive into retail strategy, fundraising, and the importance of staying focused, plus so much more! To learn more about driving change in your industry, the value of patience, and what it takes to get your product on shelves, be sure to tune in today.

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In This Episode, You’ll Hear About:

[02:39] Alec’s childhood in California and his first taste of entrepreneurship.

[10:57] How his almost-pro athletic journey demonstrates Alec’s perseverance and drive.

[14:04] The shoulder injury that led him to the corporate world (and what he learned there).

[21:15] What working in a tech startup taught him about failure, focus, and being a founder.

[24:34] Why Alec decided to build a sustainable ice cream brand that tastes good too.

[30:23] Regenerative agriculture, A2 dairy, sourcing an organic dairy supplier, and more.

[42:37] The complexities of running a retail business while driving change in the industry.

[49:07] Advice for getting your product on shelves: think about the retail buyer!

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“I maybe had one or two lemonade stands, but I wasn’t the kid with the lemonade stand on the corner every single weekend!” [0:07:35]

“Seeing how my athletic journey transitions to what I’m doing now demonstrates so much perseverance and hustle and willingness to overcome all the obstacles put in my way.” [0:10:29]

“At AEG, I got to deal with [how to] grow businesses and also work with clients and people who were way older than me and expected me to be on top of my game.”  [0:19:56]

“Focus is in everything that we’re doing as far as who is our customer target? — What retailers do we want to sell our product in? We don’t want to be everywhere all at once to start with. What is the product? Does this match the vision for what we want the product to be? Being really clear about that is the biggest thing that I’ve learned and then, on top of that, create a really amazing product.”  [0:22:36]

“There is a cool opportunity to create an amazing-tasting ice cream that also talks about sustainability and uses really great ingredients because nobody is doing that.”  [0:29:25]

“I wanted to create an ice cream that didn’t have to sacrifice flavor for sustainability. It would be an additive experience where, because of the sustainable ingredients, you’re actually creating a better product.”  [0:30:09]

“Finding an organic dairy supplier]allowed us to further our mission in a way that I didn’t even know was possible through regenerative agriculture and also added a cool component with the digestion benefit through A2 dairy.” [0:34:11] 

“One of the bigger challenges in the regenerative space is creating a market for regenerative products.” [0:45:23]

“How is this product going to be better for the shopper, for the consumer? Of course, your product needs to answer that question, but a lot of people don’t think about how their product helps the retail buyer.”  [0:49:47]

“Take the time to get the details right, understand what you’re doing, and don’t just immediately rush into everything.”[0:56:01]

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