Episode 103
April 26, 2022

Only the Good Stuff

with Lilian Umurungi-Jung, Founder of Mumgry

About this episode

Lilian Umurungi-Jung joins the show today to chat about her journey to becoming the Founder of Mumgry, a better-for-you nut butter brand made using no added sugar, palm oil, or additives, and no refrigeration needed. In this episode, Lillian shares her story from growing up as the youngest of five, moving from Uganda at just two years old, to becoming a child actor, attending film school, holding 16 jobs in just 10 years, and launching Mumgry in October 2019. She talks with us about how she bootstrapped the business with her severance pay, how she collaborated with ice cream parlors, and how she avoided losing her retail accounts during the pandemic.

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In This Episode You’ll Hear About:

  • What it was like growing up in a large family, moving from Uganda to Vancouver at just two years old, and getting to experience a vast array of cultures in her neighborhood
  • How she was given the opportunity to get into acting while growing up, and how over time she realized she was in love with the business side of it 
  • What it was like holding 16 different jobs in the span of 10 years, in different career fields from being an extra in films, working at Guess, and being a nightclub promoter 
  • How spending a lot of lunch breaks searching the aisles of Whole Foods led to the idea of Mumgry
  • How the goal for Mumgry is to cut out the salt and sugar so you can have a staple nut butter that can be added to any recipe 
  • Why Lilian believes one of the most important things is to connect your product in front of others to gain feedback
  • The experience of getting Mumgry in a Visa commercial with Dan Levy
  • The challenges she's been facing in fundraising, being completely bootstrapped and self-funded
  • What advice she has for entrepreneurs looking to build their brand without funding

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“It gave me a thick skin at an early age.”

“When I was a kid, I was interested in business, but it never was something that I was exposed to through anyone in my life.”

“It was like all that acting skill. I took it into the workplace and I got every single job except for one job.”

“I became obsessed with the idea of going forward with Mumgry and just seeing what happens.”

“I wanted to be able to eat everything, but I also wanted to be able to know what was going to be good for me and what was going to be bad for me.”

“We want to remove the guesswork from snacking.”

“We don't want someone to have to worry about what they're about to indulge in.”

“For me it was, how do we have a nut butter that just gives you the nuts in a smoother form? How do we take away everything and bring back the smell of the peanuts into the jar.”

“We needed to make this pretty because people need to understand that this isn't going in the fridge, it sits on your countertop. We want people to be able to look at it and be reminded of it.”

“Connect your product with the people beyond your family and friends, because that's where you'll really get the most honest and true feedback.” 

“Because I kept hearing almond butters are so prestigious and so much better, I started to think about like luxurious nuts, and pistachios came to mind because pistachios are considered the  most opulent nut.”

“We became focused on small businesses and just putting our product in as many small businesses as possible.”

“Be consistent. If you say you want to do something, reach the finish line every time, don't stop halfway through.”

“You just have to play the part, you have to start playing the game any way that you can, and that's why I say start cheap. Don't start small, start cheap and then build it up.”

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