Episode 83
December 7, 2021

No Sugar Coating, Only SkinnyDipping

with Breezy Griffith, Co-Founder and CEO of SkinnyDipped

About this episode

Today, Lee spoke with Breezy Griffith, the Co-Founder and CEO of SkinnyDipped, a delicious snack brand made with way less sugar and no dirty secrets. Breezy talks about her entrepreneurial journey to creating SkinnyDipped, what it was like to rebrand the company, and why it’s important to take your time when hiring for your team.

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In This Episode You’ll Hear About:

  • What it was like growing up in Seattle, being the daughter of the producers for the hit show, Bill Nye the Science Guy
  • How over the course of a decade she accumulated her entrepreneurial skills by creating an organic sorbet, to baking and delivering custom cupcakes
  • How never fully understanding what she wanted to do throughout college helped plant the seed of becoming an entrepreneur
  • How the loss of her sisters best friend made her and her family think differently about life and helped foster the idea for SkinnyDipped
  • How in the early days of SkinnyDipped, Breezy and her Co-Founders would go door-to-door with retailers selling their product
  • How getting into Target stores was a challenge at first but they were able to do it within 12 weeks
  • How one of the most difficult things SkinnyDipped has faced is hiring and what they’ve learned from it
  • All the awesome products SkinnyDipped offers and what lies ahead for them 

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“Food was a natural place to land because food is a big part of who we are as a family. For us, it brings people together and it's about community and gathering where you're a fan of not only good-for-you food, but also equally as delicious and tasty. So that was just kind of a natural match.” 

“This idea or acceptance of entrepreneurship and kind of the unknown that comes with that was just really fostered in our family.”

“I realized in college that I wasn't going to be on a normal path. I'm not sure that I ever said to myself, oh, I'm going to start a business. I think that was kind of like an evolution of that thinking for me.”

“That was kind of the first of a couple of business ventures, where I always say that I started to kind of fill my tool chest with tools.”

“For me and my mom, while in different times of our life, we were in a similar place. We were both ready for a bit of an adventure. We were both ready to grow something. And so we came together and said well, you know, what can we do together as mom and daughter? And that's where the inklings of SkinnyDipped began.”

“It was the marriage of those things that has been part of the magic. And so I think we set out and we started to create the product. It was always in my mind that we were setting out to grow a business. Then we just had to start to put these kinds of initial steps in place to make the dream more of a reality.”

“We originally were Wild Things SkinnyDipped Almonds, and one of our early investors pushed us to pick one of the names. He fought hard for SkinnyDipped, and we all landed there.”

“The name SkinnyDipped did some heavy lifting for us on the shelf because it talks a little bit about the product, for us, skinny has nothing to do with weight or calories. It really refers to a thin layer of chocolate on the nut, or on anything we do now.”

“My biggest strength is probably problem solving during a crisis. So I just did what I do. And I called every single person that I knew in the industry to find a truckload of almonds that somebody would ship to us on a dedicated truck in three days.” 

“We've had to build brick by brick or door by door. I'm proud of that because I think at the end of the day, we've built something real, something genuine, something that will be on the shelf for decades to come.”

“You have to have a thick skin as an entrepreneur. I would say it's a roller coaster ride. It's a series of high highs and low lows. I think one thing that has been instrumental to our, not just our success, but our sanity as humans has been having, sharing this with not only my mom, but my two best friends as co-founders because there's moments where somebody has to pick somebody else up and say, it's going to be okay, we're going to make it.” 

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