Episode 182
October 31, 2023

Money, Mindset, and Magic Mush

with Ashley Thompson, Co-Founder and CEO of MUSH

About this episode

Today, Lee is joined by the inspirational Ashley Thompson, Co-Founder and CEO of MUSH; an innovative overnight oats brand that tastes more like dessert than a healthy breakfast! Ashley shares her journey from the world of finance to entrepreneurship, how her father inspires her, her take on fundraising, and the challenges she’s faced. Tuning in, you’ll hear all about how Ashley has found success by staying in control of her mindset, managing her energy and emotions, and so much more!

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In This Episode You’ll Hear About:

[01:03] Introducing today’s guest, CEO of MUSH, Ashley Thompson.

[02:34] Ashley tells us about how her entrepreneurial father inspired her, the early leadership skills she had, and the challenges she faced in childhood. 

[15:52] Studying at Columbia University, her drive to work hard, realizing that she didn’t enjoy the world of finance, and finding her true passion.

[20:51] How Ashley came up with the idea for MUSH and how people responded to her change in career.

[28:32] How Ashley found her co-founder, the steps they took to develop their product, and their first ‘big break’.

[34:31] Working with Shark Tank, Ashley’s take on fundraising, and the dangers of raising too much capital.

[41:20] Ashley shares her toughest entrepreneurship moments; including her co-founder leaving, how she overcame them, and the important lessons she learned.

[45:23] How Ashley manages her energy and emotions through reading, writing, talking, and staying healthy.

[47:34] Why Ashley’s favorite MUSH flavors are chocolate and peanut butter chocolate and what’s next for the brand.

[50:15] Ashley shares some advice about the power of mindset for aspiring entrepreneurs. 

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“I always wanted to be the best, and I always wanted to leave a mark in some way shape, or form.” [0:09:40]

“I especially [gravitate] towards things that could help people or could make the world a better place.” [0:09:46]

“I really wanted to race out of college and start a job because I wanted to make money [and be] independent.” [0:16:44]

“Oatmeal is so ubiquitous, and no one knows what overnight oats are!” [0:22:16]

“Businesses need all of your time and attention!” [0:26:21]

“You want to get the basics right before you scale.” [0:30:22]

“There’s so many different [business] strategies, and execution plays a huge part in a winning strategy.” [0:32:53]

“It takes money to make money – and at the same time, raising too much capital [can cause you to] build the wrong company for the product by having too much capital at your disposal.” [0:37:49]

“You have to manage your energy and emotions appropriately to get through the really hard things.”  [0:44:25]

“The power of mindset is everything!”  [0:50:35]

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