Episode 160
May 30, 2023

Little Saints, Big Spirits

with Megan Klein, Founder and CEO of Little Saints

About this episode

In this episode, Lee is joined by Megan Klein, Founder and CEO of Little Saints, a sugar-free, functional, nonalcoholic beverage company that has ditched the spirits in favor of the spiritual. Megan’s career journey began in the field of environmental law but her curious, independent, rebellious nature (and her aversion to fighting) led her down the entrepreneurial path. Today, she shares what she learned from the successes and failures she experienced while working in the vertical farming space, how the inspiration for Little Saints came to her during the pandemic, and why she has made spirituality and her belief in the power of feminine energy (i.e. trusting your intuition) foundational elements of her business.

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In This Episode, You’ll Hear About:

[02:58] The entrepreneurial qualities that were evident in Megan from a young age.

[06:47] Some of the many jobs she had throughout her life: from frying mozzarella sticks to corporate law to environmental research.

[12:54] Why she took her passion for the environment into the realm of business.

[14:34] Where Megan’s obsession with vertical farming originated, how she found her way into this sector, and how she worked her way up to being president of FarmedHere.

[19:06] How Megan and her team turned the failure of FarmedHere into a success story.

[21:55] The gap in the non-alcoholic drinks market that inspired Megan to found Little Saints.

[28:34] What plant spirit medicine is and how she has incorporated it into Little Saints.

[34:26] The three functional ingredients found in each of the Little Saints Plant Magic Mocktails and how these drinks differ from others in the functional non-alcohol category.

[41:20] How Megan has used money astrology to guide her decision-making.

[45:25] The role that intuition plays in her approach to funding and running Little Saints. 


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“I’m just really curious. I think it’s the quality that makes you a good entrepreneur.” [0:03:24]

“I wouldn’t say that I found my passion until well after 30.” [0:08:04]

“I started to see that business was a great way to be an environmentalist because you could create products or be part of a team helping people think differently about the environment, helping people love plants in a certain way. That is the direction I wanted to go in.” [0:14:11]

“The failure of a business ended up being the birthplace of a business that is really sustainable and continues to grow.” [0:19:06]

“I was a wellness entrepreneur during the day and then an alcohol drinker at night. I started to see how that was [counterintuitive].”  [0:22:10] 

“Sugar-free, functional, and scent; that’s what I went to my formulation team with.” [0:27:51]

“The premise of plant spirit medicine is that plants are all living beings and if we interact with them with intention, then they can have a reciprocal relationship with us and give us what we need.” [0:28:48]

“We’re the first functional non-alcoholic drink to call out a single adaptogen ingredient with how many milligrams of something it has in it.” [0:35:13]

“My goal is to share Little Saints with as many people as possible and spread joy through that.” [0:41:24]

“We talk a lot about feminine energy on team Little Saints and that just means being able to trust your intuition.” [0:46:08]

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