Episode 85
December 21, 2021

Health and Habits

with Shiv Bassi, Founder and CEO of Innermost

About this episode

Today, Lee interviews Shiv Bassi, the Founder and CEO of Innermost, an award-winning wellness brand that uses research-based science to craft targeted nutritional products that address your health and fitness needs across body and mind. We talk about how his mother's regret of not starting her own business propelled him to want to start his own, how he came up with the name Innermost, how he sold into over a hundred boutique fitness studios within his first year, and what his five habits for success are.

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In This Episode You’ll Hear About:

  • How he grew up as a first-generation Britt in West London with his immigrant parents
  • How being unsure of what he wanted to do throughout college led him to investment banking and his internship at Goldman Sachs
  • What his time at Goldman Sachs taught him throughout his internship, and into the 10 years of his career spent there
  • Some of the takeaways he learned at Goldman Sachs and how he’s used them in creating Innermost
  • What led him to taking the entrepreneurship jump from his career to starting Innermost
  • Where the idea for the name Innermost came from and how, as soon as he heard it, he jumped on it 
  • How he sold his product into boutique fitness studios to help grow his business 
  • His beliefs on entrepreneurship and how to push through it with confidence 

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“You want people who are self-starters, who just get things done.”

“You gotta make this stuff happen. Like, you are really only limited by the limits of your imagination. Just make it happen. Sometimes force of personality. If you want something bad enough, go after it.”

“There's a huge body of evidence out there to suggest how different kinds of food, different ingredients, can support your health and fitness in real ways.”

“Health, nutrition, and fitness, was super important to me at the time when I left Goldman's, and at the time that was a real trend in the market”

“I decided there's an opportunity here. Let me create a brand, call it Innermost, and let's go and take a really finance backed up approach to nutrition, but let's incorporate lots of natural ingredients and create some amazing hero products that really cater to people's modern wellness needs.”

“Innermost is actually a word, meaning the inner most thing within something. For me it felt like it alluded to the fact that how products are nutritional supplements and more than just the basics, there's more in them. And then also alludes to the individual, getting more out of yourself.”

“What we've done is really take some of the smartest nutritional science out there, and then combine them into products, which are super intuitive and aligned with people's individual goals. So it's less of a one size fits all approach. It's more of a, okay, I want to have some protein and actually let me choose the one that's right for me.”

“I would be completely kind of tenacious and super focused on making sure they understood our positioning, our branding, why we were different in the market, why the products were amazing, and why the branding was great.”

“No one is going to give you anything, you have to go and get it.”

“Stay humble. There’s always more to learn and getting carried away with your success is probably the first step in a downward spiral. So keep evolving and aim for the stars. Obviously believe that you can achieve it and drive for it and don't stop going, but, but stay humble.”

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