Episode 56
June 1, 2021

From Obsession to Opportunity

with Remi Brixton, Founder and CEO of Freck Beauty

About this episode

Remi Brixton is the Founder and CEO Freck Beauty, a clean beauty brand that began with Remi's obsession for freckles and her drive to create the world's first freckle cosmetic. Channeling the diversity of East LA, where Remi lives and the brand is based, the team behind Freck Beauty is creating an attitude with products made for anyone who cares about ingredients, respects the process, but doesn't care about the rules. In this episode, Remi shares with us her journey from growing up in Seattle to working as an interior designer to taking her small one product business and growing it into a national clean beauty brand with retail presence at Urban Outfitters, Sephora, Revolve and Nordstrom. She talks with us about how she overcame a failed Kickstarter campaign, rose from the ashes of public humiliation after being mocked on TV by Jimmy Kimmel and how she learned from some early mistakes and taking money from the wrong investors.

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In This Episode You’ll Hear About:

  • How Remi’s childhood was very unique and what life was like for her as a kid, including her obsession with freckles for as long as she can remember
  • What brought her from wanting to be an orthodontist to then becoming an architect/interior designer before becoming a Founder/CEO and what other jobs and internships were learning experiences in between
  • What it was like to walk through both a failed Kickstarter and being publicly mocked by Jimmy Kimmel when she was trying to launch the first iteration of Freck
  • What she learned about taking on investors and how she was able to recover and move forward after a terrible experience with her first investors
  • What happened when Remi focused hard for six months, gave it everything she had, brought on a business partner, and starting partnering with Instagram influencers in her marketing strategy
  • How fundraising the second time around went for Remi and her business partner, Des, and what advice she has for others who are starting the fundraising process
  • What’s next for Freck Beauty and what advice Remi has for those with an idea who are wanting to build a company and see their idea come to life

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“You're able to find purpose in your work, regardless, and you're able to push the limits for yourself if you want to. And that's why I've definitely held in my career now.” 

“I always want our packaging to be like your vanity brag. More importantly than that, I want the end customer to feel represented... Your bathroom is your space. And I want our packaging to reflect that.”

“I went back to the drawing board, completely reinvented the product, which is what it is now. But yeah, definitely it's hard.”

“I was like, I'm giving myself six months and I'm going to hit it for six months. And I'm going to try everything I can… And in six months, if it's not changed, I'll walk from it, and it'll be a great learning experience. I'll be proud of myself either way. But then it took off.”

“When you're finding your business partner, especially if you're an early start up, find someone who really fills your holes, so you can balance each other out.”

“Start fundraising when you do not need to fundraise. Keep that leverage. You need the time to be able to analyze and feel yourself out and find the right fit for you as opposed to having a rush for cash flow reasons.”

“Find people who are so much smarter than you and are so much more dialed into their vertical and let them speak to you as a CEO.” 

“I think that my strongest skill actually as a manager is just putting people at ease and reminding everybody of the vision and why we're here and what our end goal is. And not to get wrapped up in little day to day annoyances that everybody has, whether you're in a startup or, you know, an established company.”

“Stick with yourself, know what you're doing, and if you are a new Founder, take the time to figure that out. Don't back yourself into a corner where you feel like you have to make decisions in a rush.”

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