Episode 155
April 25, 2023

From Nike to Fertility

with Ronit Menashe, Co-Founder and CEO of WeNatal

About this episode

Sharing her story today is the Co-Founder and CEO of WeNatal, Ronit Menashe, who is channeling all of her Israeli ‘chutzpah’ to tackle the fertility crisis experienced worldwide. Ronit, the second oldest of four siblings born to entrepreneurial parents, began her career with a Nike internship and quickly worked her way up the ranks. However, her desire for a more purposeful line of work combined with a tragic personal experience led her to leave the corporate world behind to found WeNatal, where she is now helping couples bring new life into the world!

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In This Episode You’ll Hear About:  

  • [03:25] How her upbringing and the dynamics in her family formed the foundation for her desire to become a businesswoman.
  • [12:01] Her educational journey and the origin story of her 15-year corporate career.
  • [16:54] Why building relationships is the key to entrepreneurial success. 
  • [18:24] Invaluable lessons that she learned during her time working at Nike and Hurley, and the factors that enabled her to progress up the ranks very quickly. 
  • [21:40] Two pivotal moments in her career that were foundational to the founding of WeNatal. 
  • [24:48] The tragic personal experience that was the impetus for the founding of WeNatal.
  • [28:38] Statistics that highlight the extent of the fertility crisis that is being experienced across the world. 
  • [32:50] The educational mission of WeNatal that complements their vitamin supplement products. 
  • [38:55] The convenience and sustainability elements that make WeNatal stand out. 
  • [44:01] The highs and lows that WeNatal has experienced in the past 11 months and what the future holds.

To Find Out More:


Ronit Menashe on LinkedIn

Lee Greene on LinkedIn

Stairway to CEO


“They say, ‘Don’t put all your eggs in one basket,’ but I actually say, ‘Put all your eggs in one basket.’ Or maybe two or three if you want that extra insurance.” [0:16:09]

“When we think now of WeNatal…and why it’s been so successful organically, it’s really because of the power of the relationships I have built throughout my life.”  [0:17:30]

“Just build relationships because you never know how these people around you will be able to add value to your life at some point.” [0:17:52]

“You have to ask for what you want in your career.”  [0:20:49]

“The role that was probably the most pivotal in giving me the foundation to launch WeNatal was when I worked with Dr. Mark Hyman.” [0:23:04]

“My biggest learning from the Dr. Hyman experience was the importance of education and content when it comes to connecting with consumers.” [0:24:03]

“50% of miscarriages happen because of sperm quality.”  [0:26:12]

“With antioxidants you can really reverse the effects of the everyday stress that damages sperm.”  [0:26:34]

“There is a huge fertility crisis going on…one out of five couples are having trouble conceiving in the first year. 1 out of4 women are having miscarriages. And then on the men's side of things specifically, sperm counts are on the decline.”  [0:28:39]

“A man today has 50% less sperm than their grandfather.”  [0:29:02]

“Our company goes beyond just the supplement. We are really there to empower people with education.”   [0:32:50]

“Relationships are everything.”  [0:51:02]

“Do what you love and it will never feel like work.”  [0:52:32]

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