Episode 80
November 16, 2021

Feeling the Brrrn

with Jimmy Martin, Co-Founder of Brrrn

About this episode

Today I sat down with Jimmy Martin, the Co-Founder of Brrrn. Originally launching as the world's first cool temperature fitness studio in New York in May of 2018, following the pandemic, Brrrn pivoted to offer an at-home fitness platform full of workout videos, and a custom slide board made from recyclable materials and engineered to stay secure on the floor. Tune in to hear why he moved to New York City, what led him to create Brrrn, and how he turns lemons into limoncello.

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In This Episode You’ll Hear About:

  • What it was like growing up in Scranton, Ohio where the hit show The Office, was based
  • How growing up being active in sports and performing in front of others carried over throughout his life 
  • How his passion for wanting to express himself and entertain others led him to move to New York City
  • How losing his first wife to cancer shifted his perspective on life and redirected his dreams towards creating Brrrn
  • How the idea for Brrrn came about, starting as a brick and mortar location and shifting to a DTC brand and fitness platform due to COVID
  • How Brrrn shifted platforms in 2020 and created an online community for workout classes with the Brrrn slide board

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“Winning builds confidence and losing builds character. I'm happy that I learned how to lose at a I expected to win.”

“I was doing so many different jobs that it became like I had three full-time jobs trying to pursue this one dream.”

“Talking to this Harvard professor, talking about cold being an ally, not an enemy for her to feel and perform her best. And I went home that day I was like, ‘if all that stuff is true, then why aren't people working out in cooler temperatures indoors? Why hasn't there been any cool temperature fitness studio?” 

“The pun burn came to me because of the limited research that I've found that had to do with exposing yourself to cooler temperatures can allow you to burn more calories than you would in hot or ambient temperatures because of what your body has to go through in order to stay warm specifically between the the range of l 41 to 64 degrees fahrenheit.”

“The idea came to me, I'm like, oh my gosh, it's a group exercise, workout program, very similar to what was happening at the time with Soul Cycle but with cold, and we can do winter themed workouts in this fridge.”

“I was grieving the loss of who I was but it gave me a chance to put blinders on and to go 100% into this entrepreneurial track.”

“Anything that's worth having is hard, and obviously not being a stranger to adversity, this just seems like another opportunity to grow.”

“The one thing that we did in our studio was have a slide board. Not only were we innovating the workout environment, we're also changing the way that people moved.” 

“I think the best brands listen to their customers obsessively to improve the end to end experience.”

“The growing pains of pivoting hit you in ways that you don't expect.”

“Just let go and just trust the process. I know how cliche that sounds, but it really does allow things to become more fluid and like listening and taking your time and not feeling like you have to rush into every opportunity and be selective. And also the riches are in the niches.”

“If something's keeping you up at night, answer that call. And before you share it with the world, and ask someone to help make it a reality with you, know that the best thing you can do to compliment what your pursuits are as an entrepreneur, is to be the biggest critic of the thing that you want to do.”

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