Episode 92
February 8, 2022

Facing the Skincare Aisle

with Shai Eisenman, Founder and CEO of Bubble

About this episode

Today, Lee spoke with Shai Eisenman, the Founder and CEO of Bubble, the first skincare brand created for young skin that is science driven, non-toxic, and plant-based. In this episode, Shai shares with us her entrepreneurial journey from growing up in Israel, to selling bullet-proof plates to government agencies, to what inspired her to create Bubble. She talks about the importance of doing research, how she created a community of thousands of teenagers that helped her learn what her customers wanted, and how she catapulted the business towards success with inbound requests from major retailers after just two weeks of launching.

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In This Episode You’ll Hear About:

  • Her early days growing up in Israel, excelling in school and graduating from college at just 18 years old
  • The challenges she faced in selling bullet proof plates as a young teenage girl, helping run her father’s business
  • The key takeaways she learned during her time running her dad's business and working in performance marketing
  • How meeting a former CEO of a major beauty brand inspired her to create Bubble
  • The importance of doing research in a company, and how listening to your customer is key
  • How she created a community of thousands of teenagers that helped her learn what her customers wanted and continues to listen to them today
  • How she catapulted the business towards success with inbound requests from major retailers after just two weeks of launching 
  • Her advice for entrepreneurs looking to get started and grow their business 

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“When I was 16, my dad gave me the opportunity to run his business. My dad is an amazing inventor and super smart, but had no idea about anything related to business and business development, sales, and administration or anything.”

“I had a really great role in actually being able to experiment, learn, and do so much that I just completely fell in love with performance marketing, testing, looking at numbers and conversion rates.”

“I found myself starting from scratch and building a really big operation in London when I was 21 and I was running it for about four and a half years.”

“Look at the other person and look at how they perceive or see certain things you say.”

“Scale slowly, don't scale too quickly”

“Everything that happens is for the best, and if it wasn't, you learn, which is also for the best.”

“If I'm not going to think about it in three months from now, it probably doesn't matter that much and it's not worth obsessing over or taking it personally, and I should just move on.”

“I felt like there's a really big gap in skincare and specifically in skincare to young consumers.”

“When COVID happened, we knew we had to find a way to create a community. And we also want to be able to support our consumers, our future consumers, because it was a year before we launched.”

“We are listening to our consumers constantly. So every possible problem they told us that they have, we're working on fixing.”

“We all take risks, that's part of being an entrepreneur, but how do we take a risk by truly understanding how it could impact us?”

“Research research research. That's what I would say the most important thing in everything we've done is just constantly research and listen to our community. Not think we know it all, not think we are always right, but to truly listen to what consumers are saying and build our strategy based on consumers.” 

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