Episode 124
September 20, 2022

Cutting up the Clothing Category

with Steven Borrelli, the Founder and CEO of CUTS Clothing

About this episode

Today, Lee sits down with Steven Borrelli, the Founder and CEO of CUTS Clothing. On a mission to find the perfect t-shirt, Steven started CUTS in 2016 and has since grown the business to a hundred-million-dollar company and created a new category, which he calls work leisure. Steven talks about his childhood growing up in Washington state, to working at an advertising agency and moving back home to start CUTS. We talk about how he got his first 1000 customers, how he leans on OKRs, and why he believes in blind faith.

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In This Episode You’ll Hear About:

  • (2:34) More about what CUTS Clothing is, a work leisure clothing brand, geared towards the athlete in the boardroom
  • (4:30) What it was like growing up in Washington state, with a love for sports, and how he ended up at San Diego State for college
  • (16:00) His first work experience after college, working at an advertising agency, and how what he’s learned there helps him in his branding decisions with CUTS
  • (18:00) How the idea for CUTS came to him after he got kicked out of a meeting for wearing athleisure wear and not looking professional
  • (20:40) When he got let go from his branding agency job and took that as motivation to move back home and start building CUTS
  • (27:00) How he worked at staying committed to his idea, even in the hardest of times 
  • (30:00) What the process of creating CUTS was like, from having his “incubator” at his parent's home to vlogging, and raising on Kickstarter 
  • (33:00) Some of his pivotal moments that have happened, such as Patrick Mahomes wearing one of the CUTS shirts
  • (41:00) What he’s learned about being a leader, and why he values OKR’s 
  • (53:00) His thought’s on the current conditions of the market and what brands should be preparing for 
  • (57:00) The advice he has for fellow entrepreneurs and what’s next for CUTS

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“I realized there was a gap in the market of needing a shirt that looked professional but felt comfortable.”

“When you're creating an idea, oftentimes you can see it and you can visualize it. But when you tell people about it, they don’t have the same visualization.”

“Every year and every month I became more and more committed to it.”

“I felt like that's when the moment I went from, we had a bunch of guys in a room working on an idea to a company.”

“If you're not intentional, you can easily waste a whole team”

“When you can overcome belief, treat it as such a gift because it's gonna give you the courage and the confidence to keep dreaming where not everyone has.”

“Have an open mind to most ideas”

“Over the last three years, founders are just racing to raise money I think that it doesn't need to be that way for most ideas”

“It’s super important to just be really focused on where you’re going.”

“I know a lot of people always try to focus on doing what you love, and I hate that saying. it's finding something that you can love the process of doing it, rather than that actual outcome. I think is what’s super important.”

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