April 6, 2021

Business Out of the Box

with Chelsea Moore, Founder and CEO of BOXFOX

About this episode

Launched in 2014, BOXFOX is a modern approach to gifting, offering curated gift boxes or the ability to digitally build a custom gift box from a selection of products across home, beauty, lifestyle, and food. In this episode, Co-Founder and CEO of BOXFOX, Chelsea Moore, shares with us her journey from working in PR and marketing to starting BOXFOX with her two close friends after wanting to send a gift to a sick friend and realizing the lack of options that existed for presentable, personal, and purposeful gift boxes. She talks with us about partnerships with Nordstrom, Anthropologie, and The Bachelorette that helped move the needle for the business, how she's grown personally and professionally as a leader, and reveals some of the not so glamorous responsibilities that come with running a business. Tune in to hear all of this and more.

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In This Episode You’ll Hear About:

  • How she discovered, that she really loved retail and how that was helpful as she began to build BOXFOX
  • How wanting to send a thoughtful and comforting gift box to a friend who was sick sparked the idea for BOXFOX when Chelsea and two good friends saw that there wasn’t really a great way to do this yet
  • How the three Co-Founders work together and get a long and how they worked to get ready for launch in 2014
  • What companies Chelsea and her Co-Founders look for when building partnerships with brands that will be part of the platform for their boxes and why these characteristics are important to them and to their customers
  • How they managed to build this company without any investor help and what steps they took to stay the course and grow organically with self-funding and revenue
  • How they have navigated COVID, what positives and negatives came from it all, and how they continue to move forward with every job still in tact within the company
  • Why partnerships BOXFOX has entered into with companies like Nordstrom, Anthropologie, The Bachelorette, Girlboss, and others have been impactful and meaningful 
  • What Chelsea looks for when hiring, what she’s learned as the company has grown, and what advice she has for others

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“It is kind of interesting how certain qualities lend themselves to ending up being entrepreneurial, or you could just be straight up, I want to be an entrepreneur, and then those qualities, find you.”

“We were not going to shut it down for anything. Like come hell or high water we were just going to keep going now with time. That was our attitude at the time.”

“I remember we were like, “What are all the reasons and seasons?” Which is a phrase we use. And we are trying to figure out what was the need for people? And that's really what dictated the original curation.”

“It's really important for us that they're utilitarian and useful products. They're not throwaway products, and they're well designed and beautiful and they come from companies run by good people.”

“We had a phenomenal year in that sense because part of our ethos is being there when you can't physically be there. We've been saying that for six years and it just became super true last year.”

“The management of people is really hard...that's stuff that weighs on us. And in a good way, like we care about it. But it is a lot of work, too.”

“Honestly, putting my phone down when I get home, if I'm done for the day, I'm done for the day. And that alone will set me up for success the next day because I just feel refreshed and better.”

“Being a manager means you're responsible for guiding and shepherding and advocating for the people that work for you.” 

“Being super open and honest with people, being super kind to one another, and also just empathetic... We're really pro humanity here.”

“It's a lot of responsibility, but don't feel like you need to do everything at once. Nobody's an overnight success at all. I mean, there's so many things you need to get your ducks in a row when it comes to supply chain, operations, marketing. And it's OK if it takes a little bit of time.” 

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