Episode 104
May 3, 2022

Beverages and Brain Scans

with Ben Goodwin, Co-Founder and CEO of Olipop

About this episode

Joining the show today is Ben Goodwin, the Co-Founder and CEO of Olipop. Launched in 2018, Olipop is a sparkling digestive tonics brand that contains eight to nine grams of fiber, less than three grams of sugar per can, and is dedicated to bringing the benefits of digestive health to consumers in a delicious, convenient, and accessible beverage. In this episode, Ben shares with us his entrepreneurial journey from dropping out of college, to starting a kombucha company at 20 years old, to building and exiting his first probiotic beverage brand, to launching Olipop. We talk about the importance of emotional intelligence as a leader, how he came up with the name Olipop and how it's not related at all to lollipop.

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In This Episode You’ll Hear About:

  • His love for personality tests, specifically the Hogan Test
  • His experience starting an X-Men Club in third grade, and shortly after having it shut down by the principal
  • What it was like dropping out of college, and how he just knew he wanted to be an entrepreneur, as well as the advice he has for those thinking of quitting college
  • How he started a kombucha brand with a friend, and why he felt the draw to the beverage industry
  • How at a young age he had the realization of life, and wanting to make his life the best it could be, despite the difficulties he faced
  • Why he believes emotional intelligence and soft skills are really important when it comes to leadership, and how he's learned to manage his emotions
  • What a recent brain scan said about how he processes information
  • The challenges faced in the beginning phases of building Olipop, from design to a nationwide can shortage
  • How he came up with the name Olipop and how it's not related at all to lollipop
  • What advice he has for inspiring entrepreneurs, to stay true to your authentic self
  • What’s next for Olipop, including big retail expansion and many more flavors

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“I didn’t want to do the college thing and so I thought, I'm going to go be an entrepreneur.”

“I like to be constantly learning and growing and entrepreneurialism is exactly that.”

“You've got to get your nose bloodied a couple of times before you're able to realize how hard it is and keep holding out.”

“You have to find people who are actually motivated by the mission of your business.”

“Knowing what to look for, having the courage and self-respect to select the right partners across the range is absolutely foundationally crucial.”

“Part of your responsibility as the entrepreneur is to build something that is good enough, that people want to get involved.”

“The design architecture of Olipop is foundational to its success. It really helps to create that first impression and that first attraction for a lot of our customers.”

“There are times as an entrepreneur where even if you're not saying it perfectly, if there's something you have to fight for, then there's something you have to fight for.”

“Spend more time on your underlying concept.”

“If you're getting started, you're building a reputation for yourself, be pragmatic and be honest and build that trust. And even if it's not the right fit, exit this dynamic in a respectful way and build some of that up.”

“Have values and principles that you can articulate that you're willing to fight for, and that means something to you and that you considered. Simultaneously, be ready to morph and upgrade yourself in an authentic way as you go.”

“Build something that actually solves the human problem. Don't just build something because you want to go out and make a paycheck”

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