Five Things I Love About Poppi

Walking the aisles of a grocery store can be a bit intimidating, especially the specialty beverage isle. I don't know about you, but all the different colors, cans, and flavors all start to blend together and I end up walking away with nothing. But Poppi was a brand that always caught my eye. 

Besides Episode 76 of course

1. Branding

How can you not love those colorful little cans! One of the things I love about the cans is how simplistic yet chic they look. They have a classic look to them. With a simple design for each flavor and with minimal writing they get right to the point of all the good stuff! 

2. Health

One of the best things about Poppi is that it's good for you! Each can has 20 calories or less, 5 grams of sugar or less, prebiotics, no fake stuff, and the best part: it’s infused with apple cider vinegar! I know- yuck, but trust don’t even taste it, we’ll touch more on that in section 3! 

The fact that Poppi includes apple cider vinegar is a game changer! Consuming ACV is proven to have a lot of health benefits, including but not limited to: refining skin complexion, aiding digestion, lowering cholesterol, promotes weight loss, helps stabilize blood sugar, and promotes energy.

3. Flavor

We HAVE to talk about the flavor of Poppi! Honestly, one of the best parts (besides the great health reasons, duh) is how it tastes. I got my hands on the Strawberry Lemon and I was pleasantly surprised! I thought I would be able to taste the apple cider vinegar, but it's as if it’s not even there. I’ve found it to be true with the other flavors as well- Raspberry Rose was sweet and light, a great taste after a long day. All the sodas come with a punch of flavor, unlike others in their field like La Croix. 

Not only do they have fruity flavors but they recently just launched Classic Cola, Doc Pop, and Root Beer- I can’t wait to get my hands on those!

4. Fizz

As a person who can’t take a ton of fizzy or bubbly drinks, I was shocked with how light Poppi was. I have a hard time with sodas, let alone drinking flavored sparkling waters because they’re just too fizzy, bubbly, and they leave by mouth stinging and stomach jumping. That’s not the case with Poppi. They’re light and fizzy but I still feel like I’m drinking a soda- but better! 

5. Interaction

I can’t help but notice their social media presence! Being a Zillenial (I think that’s what they’re calling us) I’m on social media quite frequently, and I’ve seen Poppi everywhere! They have quite the following on Tik Tok and make some pretty funny videos. They also pride themselves on replying or interacting with every comment- pretty impressive if you ask me! 

Want to learn more about Poppi? Listen to our most recent episode, Growth That’s Bubbling Over with Stephen Ellsworth, the Co-Founder and CEO of Poppi.


Kaylee Franklin


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